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Dear business owner,

It’s a minefield out there… all you want is a simple and easy way to get more visitors, leads, customers and revenue, yet the courses you take and the articles you read all give contrasting views...

They say - you need to be Tweeting... Facebooking… starting a blog… doing this… doing that.

Literally everyone has a different opinion.

It’s certainly true... there are a thousand different things that you could be doing to market your business online -  but the mountain of contradictory information out there makes it impossible to know where to start.

But if you don’t start, then you’re failing to market your business...  and if you fail to market your business then ultimately you’ll run into problems.

If this is something you are experiencing, I know how you feel...

I had the exact same issues when I started my first business, way back in 2004. But that was before Facebook, Twitter and all these other platforms even existed - so in some ways I had it easy.

Now it’s an ocean of complexity - which is becoming ever more difficult to navigate.

But what is the answer? How DO you get leads and customers for your small/local business?

Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, there are a few options on the table. I’m sure you’ve probably considered them.

Obviously, you could just learn internet marketing yourself. But that’s far from easy - and let’s face it, do you really have the time?

The other option is to outsource your marketing, but hiring a big Search Engine Marketing agency will set you back at least $5,000 each month - and a local “SEO” outfit wouldn’t be that much cheaper.

Of course, the outsourced solution is certainly feasible, and obviously it does work for some… but in my experience it’s fraught with risk -  not just financially, but also strategically.

For a start, it’s difficult to determine what a person or agency’s knowledge and competency level actually is - and you’ll be tied into a six month contract before you’ll find that out.

Plus, if they lack experience and try to make your website rank higher using methods that the “Google-Overlords” don’t approve of, they could accidentally destroy your website’s presence literally overnight.

So all-in-all it’s a complex puzzle, and one that keeps many local business owners awake at night.

But I do have good news to share...

There IS a better way which doesn’t involve ANY of the above complications...

See, over the years, I have been lucky enough to find success with a number of different online businesses.

I’ve hit some roadblocks like everyone does, and it hasn’t always been easy...

But overall things have turned out well.

Along the way, I’ve conducted endless research to see what worked (and what did not) when it came to generating website traffic.

Traffic is the life-blood of any business that markets itself online. If you don't have any, everything else is meaningless... so that is why my focus was always there.

The experiments I ran always revolved around the “holy grail” of internet traffic -- getting to “Page 1” of Google...

...and overtime, I literally conducted thousands of them.

Without boring you with the fine-details (I could write a thesis about it :), I eventually discovered that getting to the top of Google’s search results is considerably easier than it’s made out to be.

Most people think that it involves some kind of mysterious, dark art.

People who sell SEO services certainly make it seem so - but of course they would, for obvious reasons.

I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you thought that way too.

But what I discovered is that in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Actually, it’s rather straightforward.

What if I told you that getting more Search Engine traffic and turning that traffic into customers like clockwork, simply boils down to mastering 5 basic (but critical) steps?

That’s correct - just 5 basic steps.

What I refer to as the “5-Step Formula”.

It's so surprisingly simple, you could almost call it boring. And many people do!

But whether it’s boring or not is not really the point -  the important thing is it cuts firmly through the jargon and noise, it’s easy-to-follow, completely “above board”.... and most importantly, it WORKS.

Before I tell you what the 5-steps are (and yes, I am going to reveal each step right here on this page), let me answer the question you’re probably asking right now...

“Is this 5-Step formula something that would work for my website and business?”

The answer is almost certainly YES.

The truth is, it doesn't matter what niche or market you are in, nor does it matter if you are a small local company or a large corporation, the formula works for any business.

Dentists, therapists, decorators, butchers… whatever you do - it WORKS. It is truly universal.

To begin, let me explain what the aims are, then I will tell you the 5 steps.

Firstly, you want to get your website and business to show up at the top of the search engine results, (specifically Google’s), when someone searches for the “keyword phrase” that relates most closely with your business and the services or products that you offer.

For instance, your main keyword phrase could be ...

“Chicago steakhouse”

“Vets in Long Island”

“Miami Beach Landscapers”

(Obviously the phrase depends what type of business you run and where your business is located)

That’s the first thing.

Secondly, you want to give searchers a REASON to click through to your business website, rather than someone else’s (because if your website appears at the top of the search results and no one visits it, that’s no good - obviously).

Then, you need to MAINTAIN those search engine rankings and STAY at the top of the results indefinitely.

In other words, you don’t want to reach the top, only to vanish the following week.

So to clarify...

Quickly get to the top of Google for your best keyword phrase… give a reason for people to visit YOUR website rather than someone else’s… then STAY at the top.

I know it sounds simple, but if you can do this successfully, you will never be short of website visitors, customers and revenue ever again - and obviously your business will BOOM.

And of course, your want to be able to do all this WITHOUT having to pay Google - which is why what I’m about to tell you has NOTHING to do with spending money on advertising.

Here are the 5 critical steps...

STEP 1. Optimize your website for maximum performance.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure the business address and other contact information on your website are correct and up to date.
  • Your website also needs to function correctly and load up as quickly as possible.
  • In addition to that, it also needs to be mobile optimized. If it isn’t, Google will devalue your website and won’t feature you when people search for your keyword phrases on devices like cell phones and iPads.
  • Finally, you need to make sure that your content is laid out correctly on each page and that the pages are named and tagged correctly.

Some of this may seem trivial, but Google’s aim is to deliver a good user experience and if your website is slow, not optimized for mobile and has content layout issues, you will be far less likely to be shown in the results.

Once you have completed this optimization, you will get an immediate boost in search engine rankings.


STEP 2. Add your business to as many local directories as possible

  • Not only will you get targeted website traffic from these online directories, Google also values links from them extremely highly, so you need to get your business website included in as many as possible.
  • You will also need to ensure your business name, address and phone number are always correct on any directory listings, including those directories where your website may currently be listed.

Essentially, these directory links are like “popularity votes” and the more votes you get, the higher you will show up in the search engine results and the more website traffic and sales you will get as a result.


STEP 3. Continuously post content on Facebook that links back to your website

  • The way to win with Facebook is to engage with your followers and post regularly.
  • Doing so will ensure that you “show up” when customers (and potential customers) are online so they will think of you FIRST when they need the products and services that you offer.
  • In addition to that, the more you post and the more traction that your business gets on Facebook, the greater the positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Finally, if you stand out on social media, this will also get your content noticed and shared by influencers in your industry which will also accelerate the traffic into your website through better search engine rankings.


STEP 4. Get as many positive business reviews as possible

  • The greater number of positive reviews you have, the higher Google will rank you in the search results (including Google Maps and Google Places).
  • As Google will show the number of reviews you have, if you have more positive reviews than your competitors, you will get more clicks from the search engine results to your website when people search for the type of business that you run.

Remember, testimonials from others are what drives people’s decisions, whether that be making a purchase, booking an appointment, getting a quote or whatever it may be. So the more positive reviews you have, the more traffic, leads and sales you will get.


STEP 5: Maintain a positive review score across all platforms

  • Maintaining a positive review score across all the platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp and others) is critical to your success, and if one platform’s overall rating drops then you will need to take action to fix it right away.
  • As I mentioned before, one of the secrets to maintaining good search engine rankings and a high level of click-throughs to your website is to keep your overall review score as close to 5 star as possible.

The more 5 star reviews you get overtime, the higher your conversions from traffic to sales will be, which as a result will scale the revenue you make from your website and business.


So there you go. Those are the 5-steps.

If you can action those steps correctly, not only will you see your website rapidly climb up to the top of Google’s results for the keyword phrases that are most likely to turn visitors into customers for your will also MAINTAIN those rankings...

And that is ultimately what you want, because doing so will mean...

You will never be short of visitors, customers and revenue - EVER AGAIN.

And the best news is that if you start implementing the 5 steps today, you’ll start seeing results extremely quickly.

Now after reading through the steps, I assume what you’re thinking is this…

“Surely it can’t be that simple. There has to be more to it than this”

If you’re thinking that, I don’t blame you. That’s what everyone thinks at first.

So, let me clarify something important

What we are NOT doing here is trying to achieve top search engine rankings for highly competitive generic keywords like ‘lose weight’ or ‘business opportunities’ ...or ‘credit cards for bad credit’.

That is an entirely different ball game. There is a BIG difference in strategy if you are trying to do that.

What we are doing here is rank highly for keyword phrases specific to YOUR business searched for by people looking for products or services that YOU offer... who live in the vicinity of where YOUR business operates.

Do you see what I mean?

In other words, this is about targeting the people who matter the most. NOT the entire country.

However, having said all that, I will be honest with you...


There is one BIG problem with the 5-Step Formula...

And that is problem is... TIME.

YOUR time.

As a business owner myself, I know for a fact that you have more than enough on your plate already… and spending time on marketing and trying to action these steps successfully would be difficult - perhaps even impossible.

They are simple… but I’ll be upfront and say that they are time-consuming.

So what is the solution? How can you action them without doing the work yourself?


What you need is this:
The 5-steps DONE-FOR-YOU... Automatically.

Let’s be realistic here, it’s simply not feasible that you can personally maintain your site, add your business to the mountain of directories out there, spend hours creating content for Facebook as well as contacting clients and purchasers asking them to leave your business positive reviews.

There are simply not enough hours in the day.

And frankly you shouldn’t be trying either. You need to be working ON your business, not IN it.

Well, the good news is that you DON’T actually need to...

In fact, this is why I am so excited that you are here, reading this today. Because...

We have spent the past two years developing and perfecting a proprietary software that does the work for you.

It’s called NetBlaze - and I’m extremely proud to introduce it to you.

Let me explain how it works...

NetBlaze is software that functions as a “virtual chief-marketing officer” for your business. It’s like having an expert right next to you, taking care of EVERYTHING.

It takes the guesswork out of your marketing and dramatically decreases the time you need to spend promoting your business online.

Like I mentioned, there are a million different marketing strategies that you could focus on, but NetBlaze focuses on the strategies that have the greatest and most immediate impact.

In other words, it takes care of the 5-Step formula for you - the five strategies that directly lead to more visibility, more leads, more customers and more sales and revenue.

And it does it all via your own private dashboard.

Let’s rewind for a moment, think back to the 5-Steps, and see how NetBlaze solves each of them…


STEP 1. Optimize your website for maximum performance

You need to... make sure your business address is accurate, your content and pages are tagged correctly and your website loads quickly whilst being optimized for all devices.

Netblaze solves Step 1 by...

  • Watching over your website like a hawk, so you will always know how it is performing.
  • It will run continuous website audits, looking for technical issues, SEO weak spots, page load times, and whether your content is displaying correctly on desktops, cell phones and tablets.
  • When a performance issue is detected, it will create a solution for you and display a task in your private dashboard so you can quickly fix it.

If you continually optimize your site like NetBlaze suggests, this will lead to greater visibility in the search engines resulting in more traffic and revenue.


STEP 2: Add your business to as many local directories as possible

You need to... Add your business to as many local directories as possible and make sure your business name, address and phone number are correct and pointing potential customers to the right place, including directories where your website may currently be listed.

Netblaze solves Step 2 by...

  • Listing your website in highly targeted online business directories with a single click of the mouse.
  • All you need to do is to go the NetBlaze Dashboard, go to the “Get Listed In Dozens Of Online Directories” task, hit the button and it will be done.
  • It will also perform daily scans of your directory listings ensuring your business name, address and phone number are always correct and pointing potential customers to the right place on your website.

This kind of link building will quickly and significantly help your search engine rankings and will succeed in pushing people who are most likely to buy your products or services to your website.


STEP 3. Continuously post content on Facebook that links back to your website

You need to...  Engage with your followers and post regularly to ensure that potential customers will think of you when they need your products and services.

Netblaze solves Step 3 by...

  • Telling you what content to post. It will scour the web and suggest proven, successful content that you can take immediate advantage of.
  • All you need to do is to type your keywords into the search field, click Search, and you'll see the most viral, best performing content in your market or niche.
  • Then, you can either click ‘Share On Facebook” and post the content directly to your page... or use it as inspiration to create your own version.
  • In addition, you can also spy on your competitors’ by typing their websites’ into the search field to discover their best performing content.

This feature will save hours of research and content creation work, whilst building a dedicated group of Facebook followers who will look to you as an expert and will be more willing to use your business immediately, or in the near future.


STEP 4. Get as many positive business reviews as possible

You need to... Get as many 5 star reviews as you can. The more you receive, the higher Google will rank you in the search results and the higher your conversion rates will be from your website traffic.

Netblaze solves Step 4 by...

  • Getting reviews organized for you. The best way of getting reviews is asking current (and new) customers. Obviously, this isn’t something you’ll want to do manually as it is a time-consuming process, so NetBlaze takes care of it for you automatically.
  • Netblaze has a built in ‘Get Reviews’ feature which does all the heavy-lifting by texting or emailing requests for reviews to the customers you serve each day.
  • First of all, the system will “pre-qualify” the customers (so you only get positive reviews), then it will invite them to leave a review anywhere your business is listed: Google, Yelp, Facebook and so forth.

Remember, positive reviews are what drives people’s purchasing decisions. Netblaze helps you build an ever-growing list of positive reviews which will in turn boost the conversions and sales of your business.


STEP 5: Maintain a positive review score across all platforms

You need to... Maintain a positive review score across all platforms where your business is listed. If your overall review score drops on a certain platform, this will impact your sales, so you will need to take immediate action to fix it.

Netblaze solves Step 5 by...

  • Fixing your review scores automatically.
  • If your overall review score is too low on a particular platform, Netblaze will route all new positive 5 star reviews into that platform to immediately boost your overall rating.
  • Simply turn on “Smart Routing” and Netblaze will suggest to your customers that they leave their review on the platform where you need them the most, which in turn will drive up your overall ratings.
  • Fixing your review scores automatically.
  • If your overall review score is too low on a particular platform, Netblaze will route all new positive 5 star reviews into that platform to immediately boost your overall rating.
  • Simply turn on “Smart Routing” and Netblaze will suggest to your customers that they leave their review on the platform where you need them the most, which in turn will drive up your overall ratings.

Fixing your review scores automatically.

In addition, the system will monitor the entire web 365 days a year, identifying new reviews and mentions of your business. It will alert you immediately, so you can act and respond to them if necessary. This will further help you maintain a good reputation online.


So as you can see, NetBlaze takes care of each step of the formula, leaving it hands-off for you.

All you need to do is to login to your private dashboard once a day and take 5 minutes or less to complete any manual tasks that need to be done.

Then you can focus on other business activities whilst NetBlaze continues to work away in the background to increase your search engine rankings... leading to more visitors, more leads, more sales and most importantly, more profits.

And it can start doing this for you TODAY.

However, just before you get started, there is something else I need to tell you about...

There is ONE more critical piece of NetBlaze that has the power to multiply the revenue and profits of literally any business.

This feature is something that we have been working on night and day for months (literally) and is something that sets NetBlaze apart from anything else out there.

Here’s why...

As I’m sure you’ve been told many times before, it is absolutely critical to communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis.

ALL successful businesses do this, no matter what their market.., and no matter whether they are international or local.

There are two main ways which you can action customer communication.

Either by sending emails ...or by sending SMS text messages.

We have built a feature into the Netblaze dashboard which allows you to do both these things.

But why would you want to do this specifically?

Simply put, to…

Instantly generate additional sales and revenue !

Let’s take “Holiday promotions in the run up to Christmas” as an example.

There are a number of key days during this period... Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Cyber Monday… and a scattering of others.

What you want to do as a business owner is send your customers promotions on all these days.

Obviously what type of promotions you send depends on the type of business you run. But to give you some examples...

“Get a 25% discount on all products - this Black Friday only”  

“Over Thanksgiving weekend, each table of 4 or more will receive a complimentary bottle of red wine”

“Receive 10% off all printing services on Cyber Monday”

You get the idea.

(Take a moment to think about what you could send your customers)

Just imagine how easy it would be to generate an immediate boost in sales and revenue by simply writing a short message, pressing a single button and sending the promotional message out to ALL your customers instantly.

All you do is add your customer list into your private NetBlaze Dashboard area, then press go.

It literally takes less than 60 seconds.

Of course, the Holiday promotion season running up to Christmas is just one part of the year.

There’s New Year, Easter, Summer Sales and others...

And of course you can send out promotions to your customers on literally any day of the year.

The sky’s basically the limit. It is an exceptionally powerful tool.

I guess the question you are asking yourself now is how much will NetBlaze cost?

Well, perhaps the real question should be this…

How much is NetBlaze worth to you and your business?

The reality is, it is critical that you market your business online.

All your competitors are - and unless you do so too, they are essentially stealing potential customers and sales away from under your nose.

Clearly you don’t want this to happen.

You want YOUR business to grow - not theirs.

Even if you don’t have a lot of competition, think how a dramatic boost in search engine visibility and website traffic could benefit your business.

I mean, what if you were to suddenly get 5, 10… or even 20 new clients each month just by making a few simple changes.

How much would that be worth to you?

By using NetBlaze for as little a 60 days, you could potentially increase the revenue of your business by many thousands of dollars each month.

That’s the reality. And like I’ve already said…

Almost all the work is DONE-FOR-YOU. There is very little additional effort on your part.

So what are your options here?

Let’s quickly look at the alternatives again...

  • Hiring a big marketing agency would cost you at least $5000 per month (at the very least)
  • A local SEO company would cost you at least $1000 each month (minimum)... and you’d likely be tied into an inescapable contract.
  • ...And of course, you could learn internet marketing yourself, but as we have already discussed, it certainly isn’t in your best interests to do so.

Moreover, using NetBlaze could achieve faster results than any of those options anyway, and for a fraction of the time and money. In fact…

We guarantee NetBlaze will have a Massive positive impact on your business

So what is the cost?

The value here is considerable and if there were similar software solutions out there (which there aren’t) they would be charging hundreds of dollars each month.

In fact, my original plan was to charge $297 per month.

However, after some additional consideration, and thinking back to why we created the software in the first place (to help as many local business owners as possible), I decided to make NetBlaze truly affordable for literally business.

That is why, for a limited time, you can get full, instant access to NetBlaze for just $97 each month. Click here to register

I DO want to be totally clear about one thing...

There are no contracts and no retainers.  You are not “tied in” in any way - EVER. You can cancel at any time.

Plus, we have a 30 day money-back guarantee, meaning you can essentially test-drive NetBlaze for an entire month and start getting results with absolutely no risk to you.

I know you’re going to be thrilled, but if you were to change your mind for any reason, all you need to do is let my team know and we’ll send you back the money without asking any questions at all.

There is literally no reason not to try this. There is NO risk, only upside.

Here are 7 reasons why you need NetBlaze and why you should take-action right now...

You will get better rankings and visibility in the search engine rankings without needing any experience or knowledge on your part.

You’ll get a massive boost in traffic, leads and sales no matter what type of niche or market you are in.

You can generate huge numbers of positive reviews, maintain a good reputation online which is key to driving online sales.

There is no learning curve and there are no complex set-up procedures. You enter in your business website URL, click GO and you are off and running.

The strategies are already built in and the software automates everything. There will be a handful of action items that you’ll need to complete each week (we’re talking 30 minutes weekly at the most). But even so...

NetBlaze will STILL save you hours of time each month so you can focus in on other areas of your business.

Finally, you will also save thousands of dollars each year in marketing and staff costs that may currently be weighing your business down.

So all there is to do now is give it a try, risk free..

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Steven Clayton
Founder & CEO -  NetBlaze LLC

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