What Is Netblaze?

Netblaze is the world's only online marketing platform for local business, an innovation that empowers you to exponentially grow your business without having to become an expert digital marketer. We are creating a better, easier way for local business owners to get the word out about their brand and get more customers from the Internet. Our mission is to make sure you reap all the rewards of online marketing without wasting time, effort, or money.


Hi there I am Steve Clayton the CEO here at NetBlaze. I am an entrepreneur and over the past 15 years, I've launched several successful businesses online. During this time I've had a chance to work with and help countless small business owners with their digital marketing ( its actually where I got my start online ), so I fully understand the frustrations you experience when it comes to marketing your business online.

It's been my mission & passion for a while now to solve this problem for you guys and that's why I founded Netblaze - the only true digital marketing software designed for local business owners. Our mission is simple: I want NetBlaze to be your CMO ( chief marketing officer ) so you can get on with the running (and building!) of your business and not worry about what daily marketing tasks you need to be doing to try and grow.

We'd love for you to try out our software and see what it can do for you. We have many happy customers ( you can check out some of their feedback here ) who are loving it but more importantly getting results from it. Be sure to check out our product tour below