Netblaze is an online platform for small businesses. We know how important it is to succeed in the online space and our team takes pride in helping you grow your business.

Our team knows the challenges that a local business owner faces and we are passionate about small business marketing. Our goal is to make sure you reap all of the rewards without wasting time, effort or money. Your business is our business!

Steve is a serial entrepreneur and currently resides in Chicago. Steve has a passion to help others and spends a lot of time educating and training in the online marketing space . He and his wife are the parents of two adult children and enjoy traveling the world.


Jason is a 20+ year marketing veteran having worked with brands such as Microsoft, Amazon & SAP, but is truly passionate about helping small businesses thrive. In his spare time, he’s an avid baseball player, father of 2 and lover of all things 80s.

Chief Marketing Officer

Angel is a mom of 3 and lives in Chicago. She is a Purdue University Graduate , avid yogi and lifelong vegetarian. Angel loves to travel and is passionate about educating women about entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Director of Operations

Larry is our head of paid media here at NetBlaze and has 10+ years of experience in the field of digital marketing and online traffic conversion strategies. Larry loves the outdoor life and is a keen cyclist and sports fan but much of his free time is taken up with his four kids and all their sporting activities.

Director of Paid Media

Harry Arbasa is the Head of Product Development at NetBlaze. His passion for building software started from his obsession of the popular 90s game called Pacman. If he’s not creating software, you can find him watching dog videos with his wife, playing with his kids, or eating sushi.

Head of Product Development

Sarah has spent the past 10+ years leaving a positive impact on every customer she has serviced across the country. She is passionate about helping others thrive. After the birth of her son, Sarah has mastered the art of balancing her professional life, motherhood, and her own entrepreneurial ventures.

Client Services Manager