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show up in local search results

People in your city are searching for your business online, but unless you are listed in local online directories, they're probably not finding you. All you have to do is log into Netblaze, search for the Citation Building task, and click Get Listed Now. Netblaze will list you in 7 directories every week until you are listed in a total of 350. Over time, you're going to be hundreds of times more likely to get in front of more prospects. What's an extra 10, 50, or 100 customers a month mean to you? And all you had to do was click a button!

build and rescue your reputation

After you are listed on Google, Yelp, and other places, customers can leave reviews. Google uses reviews to decide whether or not to recommend you in local search results. The more stars you have, the more business you'll get. That's why Netblaze automatically watches your listings and informs you when and where people leave reviews about you, but there's more.

Put your customers into Netblaze and it will go collect reviews for you and "Smart Routing" will post those reviews where you need them the most and aim to never let your rating fall below 4.5 stars anywhere online. It's never been easier for you to build and rescue your online reputation.

Find content your audience will love

When you need content to share on social media or want to know what kind of content you should create, use the Content Research tool. Just type in your keyword or your competitor's website into the search field and you'll see the most viral content online. You'll see exactly how many times that content has been shared. You can share that content or have it rewritten and posted on your own blog. You'll never be short of content ideas ever again and you'll know exactly what your customers are interested in.

Customer Feedback

  • Ashley Flores
    The Netblaze software is very intuitive and easy to use. Its nice to know I have someone in the background checking that I’m not making major mistakes for SEO and citations. As a small business owner, I wear so many hats, and it is so easy for the technical stuff to slip through the cracks while I’m busy paying attention to something else. I love that Netblaze is working on my citations with just a click! I’m loving having the reminders to post to Facebook on a regular basis. My favorite part is the content research tool, which has made it so easy to find good content that will interest my audience.
    Ashley Flores Four Flowers Wellness
  • Debby Kotzen
    Being a small-business owner, I have been able to manage all aspects of keeping my company viable. The one area lacking has always been its presence on the web.Along came Netblaze which is helping me add, fix and correct everything that I was doing wrong while I was busy doing everything else. The Netblaze team is fantastic with communication, creativity and speed, helping me understand the ins and outs of social marketing. With Netblaze, everything is all there – I don't have to go to ten different sites to obtain all of the info. The site makes it possible to find out what’s missing and what we need to do and then see ways to do them within Netblaze, which is perfect for a busy person like me
    Debby Kotzen NV Talent Agency
  • Naomi Levine
    Naomi has built a good brand and product, but her company wants more business from the Internet. "I know something's not right but I don't know how to get what I want. We are not getting enough engagement, web hits, or growth. I need a software to help." So she signed up for Netblaze.Right away, Netblaze revealed a one star Google review Naomi didn't know about. She got the negative review removed and said, "Now I know how to handle fake reviews and the immediate effect was more and more people are calling." She was emailed by a casting agency on behalf of The Food Network and said, "No one has ever just found our website and this guy literally searched and found us. This is the first time we've been found online." Then another local business reached out to Naomi and they made an agreement to cross promote each other multiple times per year. The first event is in the works
    Naomi Levine City Epicurean Events
  • Kate Jotzat
    I love that I get one on one time with your gurus to go over my marketing strategies and that Netblaze is giving me the tools to make it happen easier. I don’t have time to figure out all of this on my own so having it all in one spot makes it convenient. I really like the Content Research tool, it’s very cool. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this special group, I’m very grateful for your help.
    Kate Jotzat Chroma K8 Beautique
  • Audrey Boyle
    Netblaze has been a game changer for my company. The content research tool gives me the ability to understand the trending content in social media. The support staff has been more than helpful and seems truly interested in my success. Highly recommend.
    Audrey Boyle Social Media Marketing Professor
  • Giovanni Centurione
    With Netblaze I can spend more time doing the things I am passionate about and that need my attention, rather than stressing about marketing details
    Giovanni Centurione Gio C. Trend Up
  • Siobhan Taylor
    Ive been in business for over 8 years and for the first time I don’t dread working on the marketing aspect of my business. Netblaze has made marketing my business not only easy, but something that I enjoy now enjoy doing
    Siobhan Taylor Ms Eye candy