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If your website is Slow to load or does not appear in the search engines ( for keyword phrases related to your product or service ) and your competitors do then you most definitely are losing out on getting customers online. Find out why with a quick free scan of your website by clicking the button here

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  • Get better rankings and visibility in the search engine without needing any experience on your part
  • Get a massive boost in traffic, leads and sales no matter what market you are in
  • Generate huge numbers of positive reviews, maintain a good reputation online which is key to driving online sales
  • There is no learning curve, no complex set-up procedures. You enter in your business website URL, click GO and you are off and running..
  • Save thousands of dollars each year in marketing and staff costs that may currently be weighing your business down


NetBlaze functions as a “virtual chief-marketing officer” for your business. It’s like having an expert right next to you, taking care of EVERYTHING.

Not only will it identify and fix any issues with your website and web presence, it will take the guesswork out of your marketing and dramatically decrease the time you need to spend promoting your business online.

And it does it all via your own private dashboard. Here is how it will help specifically...

NetBlaze Helps You Promote Your Business And Increase Sales

  • Communicating with your customers is critical. We have built a feature into the Netblaze dashboard which allows you to send emails and SMS text messages to them.
  • Just imagine how easy it would be to generate an immediate boost in sales and revenue by simply writing a short message, pressing a single button and sending the promotional message out to ALL your customers instantly.
  • All you do is add your customer list into your private NetBlaze Dashboard area, then press go. It literally takes less than 60 seconds.

This really sets NetBlaze apart from anything else out there. The promotion tool has the power to multiply the revenue and profits of literally any business.

NetBlaze Helps You Optimize Your Website and Fix Any Issues

  • NetBlaze will watch over your website like a hawk, so you will always know how it is performing.
  • It will run continuous website audits, looking for technical issues, SEO weak spots, page load times, and whether your content is displaying correctly on desktops, cell phones and tablets.
  • When a performance issue is detected, it will create a solution for you and display a task in your private dashboard so you can quickly fix it.

If you continually optimize your site like NetBlaze suggests, this will lead to greater visibility in the search engines resulting in more traffic and revenue.

Add Your Business To Online Directories Automatically

  • You will be able to list your website in highly targeted online business directories with a single click of the mouse.
  • All you need to do is to go the NetBlaze Dashboard, go to the “Get Listed In Dozens Of Online Directories” task, hit the button and it will be done.
  • It will also perform daily scans of your directory listings ensuring your business name, address and phone number are always correct and pointing potential customers to the right place on your website.

This kind of link building will quickly and significantly help your search engine rankings and will succeed in pushing people who are most likely to buy your products or services to your website.

Create Powerful Content For Your Facebook Page

  • Not only will NetBlaze spy on your competitors’ best performing content, it will scour the web and suggest proven, successful content that you can take immediate advantage of
  • All you need to do is to type your keywords into the search field, click Search, and you'll see the most viral, best performing content in your market or niche.
  • Then, you can either click ‘Share On Facebook” and post the content directly to your page... or use it as inspiration to create your own version.

This feature will save hours of research and content creation work, whilst building a dedicated group of Facebook followers who will look to you as an expert and will be more willing to use your business immediately, or in the near future.

Boost the Number Of 5-Star Business Reviews

  • The best way of getting reviews is asking current (and new) customers. Obviously, this isn’t something you’ll want to do manually as it is a time-consuming process, so NetBlaze takes care of it for you automatically.
  • Netblaze has a built in ‘Get Reviews’ feature which does all the heavy-lifting by texting or emailing requests for reviews to the customers you serve each day.
  • First of all, the system will “pre-qualify” the customers (so you only get positive reviews), then it will invite them to leave a review anywhere your business is listed: Google, Yelp, Facebook and so forth.

Remember, positive reviews are what drives people’s purchasing decisions. Netblaze helps you build an ever-growing list of positive reviews which will in turn boost the conversions and sales of your business.

NetBlaze Will Also Help You Maintain a Good Reputation Online

  • You need to maintain a positive review score across all platforms where your business is listed. If your overall review score drops on a certain platform, this will impact your sales, so you will need to take immediate action to fix it.
  • If your overall review score is too low on a particular platform, Netblaze will route all new positive 5 star reviews into that platform to immediately boost your overall rating.
  • Simply turn on “Smart Routing” and Netblaze will suggest to your customers that they leave their review on the platform where you need them the most, which in turn will drive up your overall ratings.

In addition, the system will monitor the entire web 365 days a year, identifying new reviews and mentions of your business. It will alert you immediately, so you can act and respond to them if necessary. This will further help you maintain a good reputation online.

NetBlaze takes care of EVERYTHING for you

All you need to do is to login to your private dashboard once a day and take 5 minutes or less to complete any manual tasks that need to be done.

Then you can focus on other business activities whilst NetBlaze continues to work away in the background to increase your search engine rankings... leading to more visitors, more leads, more sales and most importantly, more profits.

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Ashley Flores
    The Netblaze software is very intuitive and easy to use. Its nice to know I have someone in the background checking that I’m not making major mistakes for SEO and citations. As a small business owner, I wear so many hats, and it is so easy for the technical stuff to slip through the cracks while I’m busy paying attention to something else. I love that Netblaze is working on my citations with just a click! I’m loving having the reminders to post to Facebook on a regular basis. My favorite part is the content research tool, which has made it so easy to find good content that will interest my audience
    Ashley Flores LAc, Four Flowers Wellness
  • Debby Kotzen
    Being a small-business owner, I have been able to manage all aspects of keeping my company viable. The one area lacking has always been its presence on the web.Along came Netblaze which is helping me add, fix and correct everything that I was doing wrong while I was busy doing everything else. The Netblaze team is fantastic with communication, creativity and speed, helping me understand the ins and outs of social marketing. With Netblaze, everything is all there – I don't have to go to ten different sites to obtain all of the info. The site makes it possible to find out what’s missing and what we need to do and then see ways to do them within Netblaze, which is perfect for a busy person like me
    Debby Kotzen NV Talent Agency
  • Kate Jotzat
    I love that I get one on one time with your gurus to go over my marketing strategies and that Netblaze is giving me the tools to make it happen easier. I don’t have time to figure out all of this on my own so having it all in one spot makes it convenient. I really like the Content Research tool, it’s very cool. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this special group, I’m very grateful for your help.
    Kate Jotzat Chroma K8 Beautique
  • Audrey Boyle
    Netblaze has been a game changer for my company. The content research tool gives me the ability to understand the trending content in social media. The support staff has been more than helpful and seems truly interested in my success. Highly recommend!
    Audrey Boyle Social Media Marketing Professor
  • Giovanni Centurione
    With Netblaze I can spend more time doing the things I am passionate about and that need my attention, rather than stressing about marketing details,
    Giovanni Centurione Gio C. Trend Up
  • Siobhan Taylor
    Ive been in business for over 8 years and for the first time I don’t dread working on the marketing aspect of my business. Netblaze has made marketing my business not only easy, but something that I enjoy now enjoy doing,
    Siobhan Taylor Siobhan T, Ms Eye candy

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